Sunday, 25 February 2007

About escapengland.blogspot

Written by someone who has her finger hovering over the eject button on the hamster wheel of modern western life, this blog explores the pros and cons of living in England, and the opportunities available to everyone for working and living abroad.

For over 3 years now, I have been seriously considering leaving England for good. A craze and desire which is probably a sever symptom of that “bug” I caught some ten years ago.

I am by no means the most travelled person in the world, and I would never claim to call myself a “travel expert”, however I have lived and worked in Thailand and Malaysia, been on marine expedition in the Caribbean, back packed around areas of Indonesia, plus I’ve enjoyed a fair few of the more traditional summer holidays that were more popular before the hay days of “Lonely Planet”.
Within England I have moved around fairly extensively, have experienced a wide selection of lifestyles, and met many amazing, interesting, but above all “different” people.

I am not really unique in the way that I have lived my life to date. There are thousands upon thousands of people that have caught the “travel bug” or “the scuba diving bug”. Some recover and learn to live “normal” lives in civilised England, while others vow to never live in England again, and curse the “normality” of it all. Whichever way people decide to go, some succeed in achieving happiness, while others don’t. But one thing everyone has in common is that they will all at some point go through a phase when they try to make the decision “Should I Stay or Should I Go”. Whether the decision to leave is simple or down right torturous to make, each person will then be faced with the almighty task of how to actually make it happen!

Though this blog I aim to share my own current exploration of the pros and cons of living in England, and consider many of the increasing opportunities to work and live abroad. I hope the site helps you to make your mind up, and if you decide you want to leave – I hope it provides some guidance and inspiration as to how to make it happen. I welcome any comments from people who have stories and experiences to share, and look forward to the potential knowledge base which could evolve.

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