Thursday, 8 March 2007

Top 10 Reasons for Leaving England - Part 2

6. Symptom Orientated
Symptom orientated? Well some of you may be scratching your head, wondering what the heck I'm talking about now, but some of you will be right there with me. This absolutely drives me mad. But what do I mean by symptom orientated? Okay - the first area I can use as an example would be the medical system. If any person suffers any pain or discomfort that person will generally and automatically look for something to take away the discomfort. It could be painkillers, antidepressants, or any other form of medicine that treats a symptom of illness. And that is my point - the majority of these treatments do exactly that - they treat the symptoms - they don't treat the cause. Usually there is a very good reason for illness, pain or discomfort - but, because of the culture we have been raised in, our thinking is to immediately look at how we can eliminate the consequences - NOT look at what caused it in the first place. The amazing thing is - even the Doctors tend to think this way. I was gob smacked to discover a few years ago, that Doctors are not trained a great deal in Nutritition... Like "Hello!"... It's a bit like going to see a mechanic when your car won't start after you've been putting pee in it instead of petrol - and the car mechanic walking around the car scratching his head and rubbing his chin - going "hmmmm! can't see what's wrong with that - every in the engine looks okay!".... This approach doesn't just stop at the medical system however - what about speed cameras on the roads? Why is so much energy devoted to debating the rights or wrongs of speed cameras, and the problems of dealing with speeding vehicles... surely the answer is simple - DON'T make cars that go so fast - and don't market their speed as a selling point... This crazy philosophy we currently witness is almost on a par with allowing the sale of tobacco and alcohol - but making it illegal to drink or smoke!!! Can you imagine the uproar there would be if people were able to walk into a corner shop and buy a packet of cigarettes, but then get arrested and fined as they walked out and lit one up!!! Sounds bonkers I know - but really the current philosophy around cars and speeding is no different, is it? Which ever area of English culture you look at - you can almost guarantee that the powers that be will be doing all they can to treat the symptoms - and hardly anyone - anywhere will even be discussing the cause - let alone deadline with it..... There are exceptions to this generalisation - which I will be addressing in one of the other Top 10 Reasons for leaving England - further on..

7. Not the most favorable scuba diving conditions in the world!
Yes - I love scuba diving - so for me - this is high up and a genuine reason for wanting to leave England. Sure I could scuba dive in England, and I do believe there is some good diving around locally. But for me the whole pleasure of diving is the experience of warm waters, tropical fish, and a generally meditational time.. Somehow getting into cold murky water, looking for some of the less attractive fish you may find around the English Coastline, and dealing with perhaps some more challenging conditions - just doesn't do it for me in the same way!!! Particularly when I get out of the water and have to put as many layers of clothes on as possible because it freezing cold!!!

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