Friday, 6 April 2007

1. The Weather

Right up there at the top. You can bet your bottom dollar, that if you ask anyone why they would want to leave England and live and work abroad, the first thing anyone would say is “The Weather!”.

People dislike the weather in England for varying reasons.

a. The Summers aren’t long enough and aren’t reliable enough
After that long grey winter, our spirits lift as we move through spring, and our excitement builds as summer approaches. The mood of the entire nation lifts as a heat wave approaches (if we’re lucky!), but then, before we’ve barely had chance to enjoy it, let alone maintain a steady state of bliss – the Sun has gone, the grey clouds come over, and down pours start! The nation moves to a mood of doom and gloom!

b. The winters go on too long
The winter has some plus points let’s face it. When the snow comes it’s really amusing to watch people walking carefully but quickly through the slush, frowns on their faces as they concentrate so hard on not slipping over in their work clothes. Or maybe you enjoy taking a walk in the English countryside, and being the first person to lay a foot print in the freshly fallen snow. The mood of the entire nation at this point enters into playfulness. Sledging, building snowmen, skidding – even adults can easily find it in themselves to regress back to being children. BUT before we know it, the snow turns to grey black slush, accidents happen on the road, and the rain comes. The playfulness of the nation moves to a mood of doom and gloom!

c. The weather changes too much
As we can gage from the above two points as a nation our mood is intrinsically connected to the weather. Yet the weather is constantly changing and unpredictable. When we do receive some “good mood” weather, it doesn’t tend to stick around for long, and so we feel deprived! How do we gain a state of contentment! Is it any wonder that Nations such as Thailand are known as the Land of Smiles? Does this bear any connection to the fact that their weather is more consistent? Rainy and Dry seasons. How less complicated is that than Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter?

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