Friday, 6 April 2007

3. Lack of People Contact

Probably as a result of the pace of life, many people are too busy and therefore don’t have time for other people. We don’t smile at each other in the streets, everyone is on too much of a mission to get to the next place, or too worried about talking to strangers. We have to diary people in for quality time, IF we can. Then, when we do have “down time”, because we’re so exhausted, and because of the design of our society, we live in our little (or large) cocoon houses, living out individualist lives, trying to gain some connection with the rest of the world and other people by watching reality TV shows or god forbid, writing blogs!

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Anonymous said...

The two and half years I spent alone in London is something that keeps me away from that place more than the weather.
who wants to live with very stressed and unfriendly people.