Friday, 6 April 2007

8. Propaganda and Negative News

Is it true that no news is good news? I don't know about you, but personally I get tired and worn down by the constant bad news we are exposed to.

It would be interesting to carry out some research on two groups of people. The people in group 1 would be void of any television, newspapers, or radio news for a period of one month, and the people in group 2 would be exposed to them as much as possible.

Which of the groups do you think would be the happiest at the end of the month? I think we could almost guarantee that the people who were not exposed to the news were the happiest.

But hey – let’s keep bombarding the Nation with negative stuff that depresses everyone – but I know what… Let’s give them antidepressants to deal with the symptoms!!

I think it would be fair to say, that many of us have one main purpose in life - to be happy. So it follows quite naturally that in our pursuit of happiness we may desire to live somewhere which is not as exposed to negative and manipulative media. As the media and the politicians in England don’t seem to quite get this – perhaps the only solution is to leave England and live and work abroad…


Anonymous said...

We have stopped buying newspapers and watching daily news for this very reason. We feel so liberated for doing this, although we will 'keep in touch' by looking at internet news! Much of the UK media seems to be owned by the government, and I feel able to live in the UK now without such burning anger...!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I recently returned to live in England after living in India...After 3 years in a developing country I started fantasising about England - especially Wimbledon, opera, cream teas, supermarkets like Sainsburys and Waitrose, the NHS and decent doctors...Now I have been back a year and I am agreeing with a lot of what you are saying..People here are SO negative, depresssing and gloomy; the news is too. The social life sucks and noone seems to phone anyone anymore. You meet your friends once a is quite shit. Noone is entrepreneurial or positive and everyone puts you down, the country is so expensive as well...and work places are bitchy. Im also thinking of leaving again.

Anonymous said...

as much as I agree with the rest of your blog (I myself escaped to South America last year) I think that, unfortunately, we can't bury our heads in the sand about these depressing issues we are exposed to every day on the news. Ironically, after escaping England I then came across the street children in Quito, the poverty across South America.. I think awareness does need to be raised, the rich western countries are the ones that can help! A mother can barely afford to feed her family and the English don't want to hear about it because it might depress them?! think about it..

I do agree that a thousand nice things can happen in one day and the media will focus in on one negative, and we should be reminded of the positive bits about England, (so then we wouldnt want to leave) but then there's also people who need help and issues that need to be raised. It's a tough one.

Ah well, we can escape for now, globalisation will get us in the end anyway.