Monday, 12 November 2007

Support and Inspiration

As with all business plans or projects, establishing a mobile career, and leaving England involves a number of carefully planned steps.

There are a number of useful resources on the internet to help with some of the practicalities, but there is one site in particular that I have found both informative and inspirational. Lea Woodward, who along with her boyfriend, has successfully adopted a LIP lifestyle (LIP = Location Independent Professional), has developed a website which provides:

Ideas and Inspiration for the type of work you can carry out as mobile professional

Useful tips and pointers on the practicalities of setting up a mobile office

Plus support and coaching for anyone who needs more of a guiding hand

Lea has also recently published a book which details their journey into LIP living. The book offers practical advice on how to go about adopting such a lifestyle, and provides the reader with insights and knowledge which can only come from someone who has actually lived the experience.

The LIP website and their book "X Marks the Spot" is proving an invaluable resource to assist me on my own journey; not only by constantly reminding me that such a lifestyle is possible, but also by providing extremely useful tips and information to assist me in my planning.

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