Wednesday, 19 December 2007

A Jumbled Bag of Emotions

"Are you excited?"

Is the question that falls from the lips of most people we speak to at the moment.

The answer is always a little more complicated than a simple "YES". You see, at the moment we are a complete jumbled up bag of emotions. I think excitement is the emotion at the very bottom of the bag. Sometimes it manages to shuffle its way to the top and say "whoop whoop!" Then quickly returns to the bottom allowing all the other emotions to have their fair share of airing!

One emotion I have always found comes hand in hand with excitement is FEAR! Arrghhhhh - don't we just love that one. Generally speaking if you are excited about something it means you are about to do something different or something adrenaline inducing! It makes sense that excitement will also bring with it an element of fear, as you break comfort zones and boundaries or break into dangerous territory. Fear is good as it warns us of things to look out for, and helps us prepare... BUT it also has a terrible habit of trying to scupper things for you by casting doubt and whispering negative thoughts into your head. I am a fully fledged warrior when it comes to fear - but needless to say - still a battle is required. I occasionally have to sword fight my way through MR Fear to set little Miss Excitement free!

As we battle with Mr Fear, we find that not only is little Miss Excitement liberated a little, but also Mr Optimism has his voice and starts predicting all of the wonderful things that can happen. It's not long before Miss Negativity tries to have a squeal and a squeak, but we soon stamp on her!!!

And then of course there is happiness and sadness!!! Both together! Happy to think that we are embracing a dream, but really sad to be leaving people close to us! It's this sadness that rules the roost in the bag of emotions at the moment. With less than 2 weeks to go and Christmas upon us, we're seeing friends and family on a regular basis. Our heart strings are being twanged, tweaked and tuned, every day!

We remind everybody AND ourselves, that we are not going forever! AND that if we do decide we miss everyone tooo much - we can just come back! But - hey - Thailand is a wonderful holiday destination too!

So - with this orchestra or jumbled bag of emotions it's difficult to say just how we feel at the moment! Or to guess how we will feel from one minute to the next! Though we are certain that we're doing the right thing for us. The positive emotions will conquer... and excitement will rule the roost at some stage! Probably when we're at the airport!!!!


Ruby in Bury said...

I love this post Tina and really identify with what you're saying. Very helpful to me this morning too, as in my own situation, Mr Fear has had little Miss Excitement bound and gagged this morning. I need to give him a kicking and set her free!

Tina said...

Ruby - Enter THE WARRIOR of positive emotions.. da daaa!