Wednesday, 26 December 2007

No Need for Fairwell

Merry Christmas!

As we move through Christmas and continue our countdown (6 days) to our flight from the UK, it becomes clearer and clearer that there will be many things we will miss. Most of all, we will miss our family and friends.

It has struck us how when you live close to your family and friends on a day to basis it becomes amazingly easy to take people for granted. Annoying habits can often rise to the surface, as people go about their daily routines, with no sign of anything ever changing. Change one dynamic - like announce that you're leaving - and it is amazing how the strength, appreciation and love within yourself, and those close to you, can burst forward to the forefront of all relationships.

But leaving England to live and work abroad needn't mean "fairwell" to those close to you. Over the next couple of days we'll be setting our family up with webcams and skype - so that we can see eachother and communicate on a regular basis... FREE of charge!

In my experience, when one person leaves the usual group dynamics to embrace new things, they can bring new insights and opportunities to the table. Relationships can grow and blossom over distance, and with the technology we have today - there seems little need to say goodbye to anyone at all - no matter how far away you're going.

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fourpints said...

When I left England 6 years ago I thought the hardest part would be not seeing my family. Turns out that with the internet and telephones I probably actually talk to my family more than when I was in England.
The thing I miss most by the way is cheese and onion crisps!