Friday, 11 January 2008

Koh Lanta at last!!!

As we had so much luggage, and we were really tired we opted for a nice taxi direct from the Airport to our final destination.

When the taxi stopped at the car ferry port on the mainland, we got out for a few minutes while the slow chugging car ferry approached. In the distance I could see the steep edged islands that this area of Thailand is so famous for, standing proudly out of the sea.

Immediately I was choked, and almost moved to tears. 4 years I had wanted to come back to this place, and now it was within sight.

We got back into the taxi and completed the journey. Car ferry to Koh Lanta Noi, drive through Lanta Noi, and then another car ferry to the North of Koh Lanta Yai. As we drove through Koh Lanta to the south of the island, the first thing that struck me was the volume of development that had taken place in 4 years. The main road that takes you from North to South was almost completely built up, with real estate agents, restaurants, resorts and shops. 4 years ago, hardly any of it was there! I was prepared for this fortunately. I always believed the island would expand and develop. If I loved it and could see its potential 4 years ago, then naturally developers and investors would see it too.

The further south we went, the less development there was , and finally we arrived in Kan Tiang Bay - a beautiful white sandy bay with a couple of 5 star resorts and other resorts of varying standard dotted around.

Unfortunately there had been a mix up with our accommodation, so we had to quickly find somewhere to stay. Not an easy task when it’s peak season and most places are full. In the end we found a cheap bamboo bungalow set in palm trees off the road for 300 baht a night (approx £5). It was very basic, and very small, so not ideal for a long stay – but at least it was somewhere to rest our heads while we looked for somewhere more suitable.

Exhausted from our night out in Bangkok, and a day of travelling, we crashed out – leaving further explorations for the next day.

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