Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Lanta Marine Park View - Koh Lanta - Thailand

Set in the cliff side of Kan Tiang Bay, Lanta Marine Park View has become one of our regular haunts for a multitude of reasons.

1. The view from the bar and restaurant is probably one of THE best views of the bay.

2. The friendly waiters and bar staff always make you feel welcome.

3. The food is consistently good - unless you ask for spicy Thai style with a smile on your face. In which case they can’t resist a challenge, and you’ll find yourself melting and sweating with numbing lips and a mouth on fire – as I discovered the other day (and I like it HOT)!

4. There is always a party in the bar which is aptly named The Shroom Bar. This can prove a great tonic if you suffer from the occasional bout of insomnia. If you find yourself unable to sleep in the early hours of the morning, you can almost guarantee that if you wander down to the Shroom Bar, you will find someone to chat to! The place should come with a health warning however!

“BEWARE! Once you have frequented this establishment, you may feel the urge to party here every night! While we like to party with you, we would just like to warn that you may end up leaving the island as a nocturnal being with a serious drink problem! Alternatively – you may never leave!”

5. They have wireless internet – Yaaay! It isn’t free – you need to buy a card and provide a contribution.. but with a view like that – it has to be worth a few pennies every now and again.

6. The steps leading up to the bar and restaurant are providing us with a daily legs, bums and tums work out.

For more information about the resort and the accommodation on offer click here

Thank you to Aniko for letting me use some of her holiday snaps... Lovely to meet you Aniko – Goodbye and good luck!


Thai QA said...

Looks like a great place. I can just see myself perched on a chair, laptop on the go, sipping a cold one and faced with that view. Marvelous!
Hope you don't mind if I put a link to your blog over on mine, and maybe a reciprocal link.
Enjoying your story.

Tina - Freebird Professional said...

hi thai qa - good to see you here again!

Thank you for linking to me.. I was about to engage in some link love and went to take a look at your blog.. but for some peculiar reason I couldn't get through to it from your user name on blogger.. What is your blog URL?

Thai QA said...