Sunday, 13 January 2008

Our home for the next 3 months

As we arrived late into the season on Koh Lanta it proved really difficult to negotiate a long-stay agreement with the resorts on the beach front. They can charge a lot more per night to short stay tourists. It soon became clear that a house or bungalow away from the beach would be much cheaper.

After a few days the owner of the resort we were staying at revealed that he knew of a concrete bungalow, close to the bay, which was available to rent.

“You come with me! I show you!” he said in pigeon English with Thai accent. And with that he hopped onto his moped, and tapped the seat behind him. As instructed I hopped on, wondering where in the world he was going to take me.

Just 30 seconds later he pulled up a road way which led to some new bungalows that Paul and I had been to look at the day before on a fellow expat’s recommendation. We had instantly taken a liking to the peachy bungalows in the hills, and were waiting to find the appropriate people to speak to. GREAT! The co-owner had found us! This was obviously meant to be!

Within 5 minutes I’d agreed a good price, and 2 hours later we moved in to our new peachy bungalow, with running water, sofa, a flush toilet, and a tranquil view over Kan Tiang Bay.

As the bungalows have only just been completed and were standing empty, we managed to agree an extremely good price when paying for 3 months up front. We struck lucky. Next year I’m sure we would pay more than double for the same place.


thaiqa said...

3 months on the beach! Sounds excellent.

Tina - Freebird Professional said...

Hi thaiqa

Thanks for visiting again! Our bungalow is in the hills away from the beach - but still only a few minutes walk... All the best