Monday, 28 January 2008

Record Number of Brits Choose to Escape England

Today a fellow escapee led me to the following news article from the Daily Mail.

High Taxes and Soaring Crime Force 700 Britons to Flee the Country Every Day

In summary latest figures show that during 2007 a whopping 250,000 Brits emmigrated during 2007, compared to 207,000 in 2006, and 149,000 in 1997.

Top destinations are Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain or the U.S.

The article claims that the main motives for people choosing to emmigrate are high taxes, soaring crime, and general lifestyle...

Sitting here in Thailand I have a number of English people around me, who are here either temporarily or permanently. They all have many motives for being here, but without doubt there is a general underlying discontentment with life back home in the rat race.

While some people are drawn here time and time again for the beautiful beaches, the relaxed lifestyle, the great diving, and the hot weather - some are also here to avoid and escape the feeling of opression and stress that they cannot escape from when they are in England.

It is estimated that the number of Brits choosing to emmigrate will continue to soar over the coming years, but bizarrely the number of immigrants is also increasing - and out weighing those leaving. The population is therefore still on the increase - despite the mass exodus of Brits.

Where will it lead....

Will it reach a point where the number of people choosing to emmigrate each year matches or exceeds those who turn to England for the "democracy" or "prospects" that their own countries lack?

Will England become a country with a lower number of natives than immigrants?

Certainly that seems an extreme scenario, however if you extrapolate the statistics - it's not an unreasonable suggestion.

And then - if native English are spread thinly around the world, living in different cultures, reproducing, and adopting the attitudes and lifestyles of other countries - what will happen to the English?

In the most extreme of scenarios - we could become an endangered species!!!

4 comments: said...

For every 700 leaving, there is probably 1400 arriving who find England a better place to live that where they are from.

Ruby in Bury said...

It could well happen! Two or three years down the line, I am not currently ruling out the possiblity of escaping England myself, much as I love it, other places do also appeal!

Anonymous said...

Read the comments posted about the Daily Mail article - very illuminating and it is clear why so many are getting out.
I'm convinced it's a serious problem that is not being addressed by the UK Government.
The people who are going are the very people you need to sustain a community - skilled and intelligent.
I've been away from the UK for five months and have met so many people who have sold up and are on their way to a new life somewhere else: not one thinks they are leaving a vibrant, safe country.
Other than family and friends, there is nothing I miss at all about the UK.

Anonymous said... said...
For every 700 leaving, there is probably 1400 arriving who find England a better place to live that where they are from.

How many of those coming in are here to live off the social security that we give out to anyone not originally from this country (Which they would not receive from their own governments).
How many of those leaving are sick and tired of paying inflated taxes so the government can pay these scroungers and thieves the social that the E.U says we have to pay them (Human Rights ???? my arse).
What is going to happen when the hard working people have left and this country is full of poor ill treated refugees from seemingly every other country on earth east of greenwich.