Saturday, 29 March 2008

Informative News

My last post highlighted the negativity of today's media, but I am also aware that you can't just report on the good things that happen... sometimes news of an unpleasurant nature is necessary in order to raise public awareness, and inspire change....

The following 2 articles (kindly brought to my attention by Pod) largely report on facts relating to the ecomony in Britain, which will be of interest to anyone who has ended up here because they are considering leaving England to live and work abroad..

As always though - it's important to bear in mind the agenda of the publisher when reading the more "subjective" sentences and comments...

How professionals can get 43 per cent pay bonus by working abroad

Workers who leave Britain for a job overseas can get a 43 per cent pay rise.
A professional gets an average wage of £47,000 in this country but overseas they can earn £67,000, a report says today.

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Goodbye to rip-off Britain

With the crunch coming, the articial inflation in the economy will soon be exposed

Martin Samuel

There is a guy, does business up town, doesn't use his car much, bit of a novice when it comes to scooting around London. Anyway, a few weeks back he has complications with late meetings so, for a couple of days, he drives in. First time, schoolboy error, he forgets to pay the congestion charge, incurs a £60 fine right there. His parking for the day comes to roughly £40 in an NCP. Next time, he remembers the congestion charge, but leaves his car on the street, doing the parking meter tango, feeding it, moving it, feeding it, moving it, £8 here, £6 there, until finally he gets really busy, overruns by five minutes and, bang, a £100 penalty. He reckons the whole experience, with petrol, of two days' motoring will have cost close to £300. He's a wealthy man, he can afford it; but suppose he was an ordinary working stiff from the sticks, bringing in the average wage? That could be his disposable income, after the mortgage, gone. For two innocent, pretty harmless, mistakes. This is why Gordon Brown is in trouble.

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