Tuesday, 4 March 2008

It's all about balance

Writing this blog is a very strange experience for me... why? Well usually I am an extremely positive person. Normally one of the things I dislike most is a constant moan about something.. Usually I always seek out the positive aspects of a situation, place or person.. I guess that's what has inspired so much passion inside me to blog about Escaping England.. I keep searching and seeking for the good bits - but the negative always manages to get a stronger foot hold in my mind when it comes to life in England...

So - in an attempt to gain some balance, and embrace the positive aspects of England - I've tracked down another blog which focuses on just that... AND in order to bring balance to this blog - AND provide me with regular reading which I hope will help to regenerate warm feelings for my home country - I've put a feed to this positive English Blog at the top of the column to the right..

Happy reading :-)

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