Friday, 6 April 2007

10. Apathy

And finally - reason 10 - Apathy.

We are all so apathetic. Every day I hear people complaining. No one I know would disagree really with any of the top 10 reasons to leave England. The country is going to pot with more and more people seeking a life in the sun every year.

Decades or centuries ago, there would have been some passionate rebellious leaders - standing on soap boxes - gathering the crowds, developing a following, starting a revolution... Now - the majority of us - go to the pub - watch TV - or do whatever we can to escape from reality.... We all feel so powerless and unable to make a difference - that no one bothers anymore. My own personal icons of change are Richard Branson and Al Gore - if they were running two of the Worlds most powerful countries - how different would things be?

The media today is so powerful - anyone that wants to create change really has to get the media on side. Without positive publicity it could seem near impossible to get anywhere. Thankfully today - we have the power of the internet - where individuals can start to express themselves and reach other viewers without the authority of the media coming into play at all... Then we have Virgin Media growing slowly too.. Where will of all these new avenues of media lead the world? It's going to be fascinating to watch it all unfold... Maybe the dormant passion of the people has started to stir, and the nation will soon begin to feel empowered to change...

Alternatively, maybe those of us that can see, will just jump the sinking ship and start a new life somewhere else...!!!

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