Friday, 6 April 2007

Top 10 Reasons to Leave England to Work & Live Abroad

The topic of the increasing number of immigrants in the UK is something we hear discussed constantly in the media and by politicians. BUT – behind the growing number of people coming into England there is an ever increasing number of people leaving England. Every year more and more English people choose to emigrate, opting to live and work abroad. Why?

Here is a proposed list of the top 10 reasons to leave England and work and live abroad.

Click on each reason for more of an insight, or an interesting rant as to why each one is a good reason to leave England and live and work abroad!!

1. The Weather

2. Pace of Life

3. Lack of people contact (cocoon, individualistic)

4. Crime

5. Materialism

6. Symptom Orientated

7. Not the most favourable Scuba Diving conditions in the World

8. Propaganda and Negative News

9. Not all property comes with a hammock and balcony as a standard package

10. Apathy

Do you agree with the Top 10 Reasons?

Can you name more reasons?

Do you have any comments to add?

Be heard here! Have a voice! Make some noise! Let's start a revolution! All comments welcome!


Escapee said...

LOL, yes indeed!

I have been planning to leave England since I was 12 years old! LOL

There are many reasons why I want to leave, but one major reason that effects everybody is England is now an Orwellien State. Orwellien States will pop up all over the globe if people don't get real, but right now in England we are getting near the point where we won't be able to break wind without breaking a law or needing persmission from the government.

There is very little quality of life, for sure there are worst countries in the world but England is suppose to be free and progressive. Public services are vanishing, wages don't increase enough and now we have lots of immigrants the british companies will exploit their labour leaving british citizens being forced to work for lower wages with no benefits if they want a job.

English people on the whole are very depressed people who can only express themselves when they are drunk to the point of being unconcious. The youths are already depressed as they take on their parent's issues, so future generations already feel like they have no hope.

England was one of the politess countries in the world, now most people here have the manners of a pig. The level of rudeness in this country is just shocking!

England could have potential, as it is multi cultural but this isn't used to everybody's best advantage. Racism, classim and other isms still exist here and don't show enough signs of being irradicated.

If I had kids I wouldn't want them to grow up in England. Unless a person has heaps of money or live in the right places opportunities are thin on the ground. The gap between the rich and the poor is widening as I type!

Having said all of this and I could say a lot more! England has some really great people amongst the horrible ones and I will dearly miss these type of characters when I eventually break free form here.

Alas, the escape is necessary.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tina
well I'm in Australia but having read your comments i think we are on the same lines as the mother land, less freadom more beaurocrats with an infinite file full of rules and forms. Government that does what they like.
My solution is to immigrate to Switzerland where they run a true democracy, each and every decision is passed to vote by the people, hence the reason they are not in the EU when all the polies are saying it will be good, but sticking to Aus politics i can see they are in the same bed as the pomms (and the yanks).
As for your other soapboxing about the rat race i couldn't agree more but their are a number of social problems associated with not having a regular life. By this i mean the man goes to work at least 5 days, works up the ladder, gets a bigger company car each year hopefully eventually one with leather seats (to show how successful he is), the higher he gets the less time he has for his life, family, kids. Well we don't really have to go too deep here, everybody knows this cycle because they are in it. I have been off for about 4 years but now with children i find most people just think i am a lazy F---ker for not wanting a real job, you lose respect from most people if you get to an age where your friends are up the ladder and you are still doing casual work just enough to pay rent etc.
Most people kid themselves and say they have to work to buy food, rent electricity, water, but the problem is the essentials list is being blured by the media and advertising, you need the new Ipod, range rover, flat screen, mobile, laptop. With just the real essentials most people could do it with a few days work a week, true there wont be much to leave the kids in the end but hey it's a modern world it's every man for himself...right.
Anyway it's all about balance, sure i buy new stuff now and then but because i work specifically for a particular thing ( need 2000 for new computer so have to do x hours of shit job) i appreciate that new computer.
The work at home option is i think the best because you have a legitimate job and if you don't tell people you only work 20hr per week nobody will ask, you have heaps of 'life' time but still bring home the bacon (maybe not as much as johnno next door though..)
so there is my little rant, you can put it up if you like or just read it and delete, we seem to be really on the same wavelength.
power to the revolution

Sarah said...

Reasons 1, 2, 5, 6 & 10 were the final push to make me go with my heart (love was the other)!

I left Watford/Bedford (home/work) for Oklahoma in Oct 05 and have never looked back. In fact I have never been back, despite loving my family etc etc.

Do I miss the UK - HELL NO! I have a much higher quality of life, the mortgage will be paid off shortly, people are friendlier, the priorities are right here, THERE IS NO TRAFFIC and people are generally happy souls.

I was firmly entrenched in the rat race, even made runner-up in Cosmo's Women of Tomorrow in the 90's. Do I miss dragging myself to and from work for 3 hours a day - NO! Am I happy being just about retired at 41 yrs young - YES

I really don't know what has happened to the UK and it's sad, but I am very glad I for one escaped and will never return!

Frank said...

I can understand why people get dissolusioned about England, but you can use those ten reasons for any country in the world, even if the weather is hot, you have to worry about typhoons and such, The attitude of the people of other races is also something to contend with, I lived in and around asia for a few years, and although it was a great couple of years, I was never accepted and never would have been, because I was not Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese etc.

England is a great country, but how does anyone ever expect their country to get any better if they dont stay and fight for it?

Anonymous said...

Heh, I like Frank's post "I was never accepted and never would have been, because I was not Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese etc."

One of the reasons I'll be leaving England soon is because I will never be accepted here because I'm not white English (or even black English as they are beginning to be considered English now), despite living here my entire life, it dosen't matter I'm still 'chinese' (a country I have never been to) in the eyes of English soceity. So all patriotism is out the window.

"but you can use those ten reasons for any country in the world"
Sorry mate, but that's obviously wrong. Matierialism in Ethiopia? The weather in Spain? Lack of people contact in India? Crime in Sweden? Sorry, it's just not the case.

There is an embedded racism in modern English soceity, the current generation of British youth believe themselves to be superior, as though they somehow deserve the priviledged lifestyle they were brought up in. They bear genuine prejudice against every race, country and even different English counties.

I've been to poor rural villages in Malaysia that have been far happier than the affluent suburb I live in atm. I think in the global scale of things England is a very unhappy country,

Our TV (which I used to think was the greatest in the world) has also gone downhill recently. Shows like Hole in the Wall & Little Britain.

I also used to think the BBC had some integrity but recently they've devoted almost all their time to a tiny scandle about Russell Brand & Jonathon Ross.

In my early youth I used to be very patriotic but now I don't have an ounce of patriotism.
To me theres no point fighting for a country that does nothing for me.
At least in another country, when I'm called an immigrant or a foreigner it'll be true.

Anyway, those are my personal reasons I would add to that list.

Anonymous said...

'or even black English as they are beginning to be considered English now'

Well we (black people) are English. You're English too. The mentality will change. It will have to. I know it's horrible to live in your own country and not feel a part of it (especially if you're not living in London which I think makes things much harder). The question is do you want to 'wait' and contribute to a better mentality just by living here or do you want to experience living in a happier country right now? I definitely want to be around happier people and experience living in healthier places but England is my home. Many people here don't want it to be my home but tough sh~.