Thursday, 12 April 2007

Job Opportunities Abroad

Ok – so we’ve had a look at why we would want to leave England (see link to the right for "The Top 10 Reasons to Leave England" if you’re new to this site). We will be revisiting this subject and hearing from people around the world that have made the great escape. For now though let’s assume we’ve made the decision and we’ve decided we want to quit the rat race. We’re done with the Hamster Wheel of Life. We’re finished with the idea and concept of HAVING to live for our work – just so that we can live. But how on earth do we break free? What will we do to earn cash to feed ourselves and put a roof over our head? How will we remain financially secure?

There are a number of questions we may need to ask ourselves here to break free from the brain washed concepts we already unknowingly live by, but for now – let’s just explore the opportunities available to people for working abroad.

There are many opportunities available for work all around the world, but first I’m going to let you in to a secret!

Quietly around the world, a revolution is occurring… New breeds of “people” are building communities. Their communities are dynamic and international – but interestingly are also very moveable, of no fixed abode! The individuals are intelligent, and they work fewer hours than many of us here in England – and for greater benefits. Their name – “The New Nomads”, or “The Modern Day Nomads”.

So, how do we become one of these Nomads, and what does it involve exactly?

Well – it’s actually amazingly simple, and could provide the answer to the majority of people that want to Escape England and live and work abroad. Do you have a job where you work on the computer? If so, do you also really need to have any physical contact with anyone in order to perform your job? Could your job be performed just as easily from a computer in Thailand for example? The truth is, with the technology available to us today, not only is it feasible for us to work from home, but it is also feasible for us to work from abroad.

Many large corporations have outsourced work to India, simply because it is so cheap there. But imagine if they could outsource work to another country and still have the work performed by an English person! Imagine you’re that English person. You could feasibly charge less than the English rate for working, but still charge enough money to provide you with a much better lifestyle in a country which has a lower economy - and oh - a country that hopefully doesn't have the majority of those top 10 reasons!

The great thing is - that you don't actually need to stay in one place - full stop! So, if you're anything like me, and you struggle to decide exactly where to place yourself on a permanent basis (eek - just that word permanent freaks me out!)... You don't need to decide - you can just keep moving - BUT you can take your job with you!

There are already a number of resources available on the internet to facilitate just this situation. Here is a list of the types of the jobs available:

1. Writing
2. Web Design
3. Photography
4. Blogging
5. Graphic Design
6. Financial Analysis
7. Administration (typing letters etc)
8. Anything that doesn’t require your physical presence!!!

So – invest in a LAPTOP and if you’re not already trained in a mobile profession – get learning!


For more information and inspiration – check out some of these websites and books:


Anonymous said...

Personally, I do not think you can earn a lot of money with web design.

The web has transformed (post dotcom bubble) and given rise to specialist fields.

A person working on any of these specific fields can work from anywhere.

- Coding
- Remote server management
- Working on backend dbs
- Graphics - CSS, graphics

It does take some work though to ensure that the electricity and internet are running 24/7. Outages are common in third world countries.

Anonymous said...

So nice to meet you. I like the nomad well as the "who-needs-money?" angle and will be exploring both at've linked you there already to underline the fact that it's not so much about "place" but more about leaving one modus operendi behind and evolving/embracing another. All the best to you and welcome. Nia. :)

Digital Nomad said...

Joined your community on MyBlogLg. Please stay in touch.