Saturday, 14 April 2007

England Activists on the Web

Starting this blog has prompted me to explore and search the internet for other bloggers ranting about “Good Old England”. I felt sure that there must be an enormous number of ranters and activists out there, all revelling in the freedom of speech provided by the blogasphere.

As I was searching Brit Blog I started to discover blog after blog after blog of armchair activists, ranters and escapees… I got completely distracted and lost in virtual space for hours as I soaked up the unrest of the Nation in the wealth of posts focussing on the problems within England and the English Parliament.

I was feeling the need to try to bring all these people together in a community so that it would be easy to refer back to them all – when I discovered “The Witanagemot Club”

Quote from their home page.

“The Witanagemot club is a collection of bloggers that believe that the current constitutional settlement is disadvantageous to England. The word 'Witanagemot' is an old anglo-saxon word used to describe an Anglo Saxon gathering of eminent people. It would include bishops, ealdormen, thegn's and the like. They would be summoned by the king and would advise him on various issues that were important to the kingdom. They would act as witnesses and be responsible for new taxes, charters and running the country in between monarchs. The witan had a regulatory effect on the king so that his decisions were discussed fully before implementation. The witan could also responsible for choosing the king. This particular Witanagemot club, however, is open to all, regardless of ethnicity, just so long as you believe that England too is a nation that deserves political recognition.”

Click on the flag to link through to their site, and be connected to masses of bloggers campaigning to make England a better place - or simply ranting about its political failures!! You are sure to find some motivation to either:

1. Join the campaigners and ranters to have your voice heard.
2. Leave England to live and work abroad
3. Both of the above!!

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Toque said...

Thanks for the link.

I set up the Witanagemot Club and I am a director of the Campaign for an English Parliament. At 33 I've already - as an adult - lived in Germany, Scotland and Canada but I've always been drawn back to England.

“What knows he of England who only England knows?” asked Kipling. Sound advice.

Life Out East said...

Over the last fifteen years I've spent about 9 years living and working abroad, primarily in Bangkok but also Hong Kong and France. I'm just about to begin my return to England after another two year spell in Bangkok.

I've visited nearly twenty countries in all and I can honestly say that England is the nicest country I've been to. Having said that the people and the system are something else. Yob culture, violence, theft, nanny-state governance, high taxes and ridiculous property prices are all reasons why we probably will be moving again in the future.

After the corruption and racism of Thailand though I'm sure that the normality of England will be quite refreshing for a while.

When are you going to move abroad and where are you planning to go? Interested in a link exchange?