Saturday, 21 April 2007

Why did you end up here?

Today I sat down with the intention of developing a concise and informative content plan for this new blog project of mine.

As far as my common sense and general knowledge could tell, in order for this blog or any other publication to be successful in building up a sound readership it needs to meet the expectations of the readers. I thought carefully about the visitors to this blog and came to the conclusion that to have ended up at this page you must fall into one, some or all of the following categories:

1. You want to Escape England to Live & Work Abroad
If this is you - great! You’re one of the people I most hoped would visit. The content of this blog is built entirely around helping people like you (and me), to make a sound and informed choice about whether to leave England to live and work abroad or not. Assuming that you make the decision to leave, I then hope to help you decide where to go, what to do, and how to make it happen.

2. You have already made The Great Escape from England, and you like to read about and connect with like minded people. You may also want to contribute in some way, sharing your experiences with people who are just starting out on a journey you have already made. You are welcomed with open arms. Myself and any readers will be eternally grateful if you feel inclined to share your experiences and opinions. You will be of great assistance to people trying to make a decision on whether to leave England to live and work abroad or not.

3. You’re not English, and you’re not looking to leave – but you are interested in the National psyche for one reason or another. It’s great that you have popped by. I’m sure you also have some invaluable contributions you can provide about your own country or what you think of England. How do The Top 10 Reasons to Leave England compare with reasons to leave other countries? Opinions such as these can contribute to an excellent study of what it is we are looking for in our ideal country, or whether indeed moving countries is a solution to anything at all. You may also help someone decide to visit or not to visit your own country.

4. You’re a blogger and you’re networking or just generally interested in looking at a range of different blogs. I hope you find something here to inspire you, and I welcome any comments you may have on the blog, my writing, the design etc etc… Let me know who you are so I can check out your site too..

5. You’re a friend or a member of my family and you’ve ended up here because I've pleaded with you to come and check out what I’ve been spending so much time on just lately. If this is you – Thank you for popping by. I hope you find something here of interest to you, and that you leave with a little more of an insight into what the heck I’m waffling on about when I talk about my plans for Escape England.

Do you fall into any of those groups?
Is there another reason you have ended up here?
Let us know your thoughts...


lillian said...

Ok.. Hi :-) Saw the link to your blog on Life Out East... will drop in once in a while. Good luck.

Brian said...

I arrived here from nomad4ever.
I've been thinking about leaving the UK for 3 years and have finally got work's permission to take 12 months off - I hope to go in September so have a manic few months of sorting out to do!
There's no room here to outline the many reasons why I can't wait to get out of here, but I do know quite a few like-minded people who are eager for me to make the move so they can follow.
I feel there's a growing wave of disillusionment with Western society, but I worry that it's going to be impossible to escape consumerism and materialism.
I'll forward your URL via email and when I start my blog on my website I'll link you.
Good luck!

Goldy said...

nice intro. I am not English... but I did escape America to live in Prague for 5 years.

Mandy said...


Thanks for visiting my blog - Your blog looks great and very thought provoking! Keep up the good work... let me know when you start those other blogs?

I love the sharing aspect of blogs and that they constantly grow and develop. If your starting other blogs you may like to check out my other blog

Digital Nomad said...

Hey, you write good stuff. You need to update more often. I keep coming back, and also gave you a link.

Anonymous said...

I moved here last year from Australia. I kind of ended up here out of necessity, and today CAN'T BELIEVE I'm still here. Every moment that ticks by I get more and more frustrated by the opportunity cost of being here over being somewhere, ANYWHERE else. I've lived in Australia, Canada, the U.S., Mexico and Malaysia - each place has had some kind of redeeming asset for me emotionally. This country is just depressing, devoid of sophistication, is classist, vulgar, anywhere you are its either dangerous or boring at the opposite extreme, people's value systems seem completely illogical (your teeth are more important than going to the pub! invest in them!!)and don't even start me on the weather!! Now, months after having moved here I can say it doesn't surprise me in the slightest that every English person I know who's visited Australia stays or wants to because those who've never been simply have no idea what "quality of life" IS!

And I'm here because I typed "escape england" into a search engine because that is what I'm going to do!!

I might have injected some humour into this but I'm thoroughly down about the weather... its JUNE and its FREEZING!

help me!!

Rod said...


I'm not English, but I want to escape anyway and I'm working on it

I suppose your blog isn't only for english people who want to escape! ;D



Anonymous said...

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