Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Which type of Escapee Are You?

Before anyone can establish an effective escape route the very first step is to work out which “type” of escapee you are. Whilst I’m generally not a fan of stereotyping or labelling people, everyone will have their own reasons for wanting to Escape England to Live and Work Abroad (see top 10 reasons to leave England). The point is – unless you establish your reasons for wanting to live & work abroad, you’ll be taking a huge gamble with any escape route you attempt to carve out. You could easily end up in a country that suffers from some of the same ailments you had hoped to leave behind. For every potential escapee serious consideration is needed in terms of what it is you are actually hoping to gain by moving. As a starting point I have established the following groups of escapees. For each group the destination and the escape route may differ quite substantially. Please bear in mind however that the line between these types is very thin and it is highly possible and probable that you relate to more than one or all of the groups.

1. The Explorer, Student of Life, Nomad

2. Finding Yourself

3. Found Yourself – came back to England – and now you want OUT!

4. Global Activist

5. Sun seeker

6. Rejection of political climate, pace of life and materialism

7. Career choice/progression

8. Pursue hobby or passion

9. Seeking change/boredom

10. Fashion follower! It’s the “cool” thing to do isn’t it?

Over the coming posts I will explore all of these possible types of escapee, and together we can take a look at possible escape routes for each.

This list or grouping is by no means fixed, or set in stone – it is merely a list developed from my own observations of life. If you agree, disagree or indeed have anything you would like to add – please do… I’d love to hear from you!!!

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