Thursday, 26 April 2007

Escapee Type 1 - Explorer, Student of Life, Nomad

1. Explorer, Student of Life, Nomad

Looking back through history, nomads and explorers have always existed. Entire populations have wandered and moved to new settlements, more suitable to their needs. Individuals have left for foreign shores and ventured out into the unknown in order to "discover".

Way back in time, immigration and emigration didn't take on the formal process that it does today. From what I can gather, people hopped on boats, or took to the road and endured dangerous (and in many cases fatal) journeys in order to reach a better land, or "the promised land".

Wandering, exploring, discovering - these are all characteristics that are deeply ingrained in the human psyche. Our need to reach out and connect with other nations and other countries is surely a driving force behind the invention of flying, and other modern technologies such as the Internet.

Now - the privilege of relatively low risk travel and international communication is available to the masses. No longer is exploring the world reserved for those that have the knowledge and inclination to gather a crew, hire a ship, and dare to enter lands or waters unknown.

Please excuse me for stating the obvious - of course we all know that already... But the point I am trying to make is that in some cases, for some people, the need and desire to travel has nothing to do with the state of any given country. Some people are simply just born to explore and perhaps will never "settle down" anywhere.

It is this group of people that I believe fall into "Escapee Type - No.1" Although the term "escapee" doesn't really fit. For these people (myself included), it really isn't about "escaping from" - it is about "running to" and "embracing" the rest of the World. Meeting new people, seeing different lands, learning about other cultures, and embracing the diversity, colourfulness and craziness of the World we live in.

In general people that fall into this group will often feel "unsettled" or "unable to commit" in what is regarded today as a "normal" life. The concept of living in one place for ever more, and entering into the modern concept of the nuclear family, will be if anything "unsettling" for them. Only content when they are discovering new things, places and meeting new people, these people are not necessarily suffering from intimacy issues, or some kind of mental health problem that prevents them from settling down(though this may be a possibility in some cases). They are simply "explorers" - and that's fine...

Now - if you feel connected to this description, it may not be the answer for you to simply uproot your life, and go to live somewhere else. You may enjoy the change initially. Excited by what you find, the new people, the different way of life etc etc. But after a while, your desire to move and travel will again come to the surface.

For this reason its probably a better idea to simple hit the road, and keep travelling, until you want to stop somewhere. Then stop, until you feel ready to move again. Just going with the flow of wherever life leads you.

Here are some considerations and tips for survival for the modern day explorer or nomad.

1. Always stay connected to your base/roots in some way. Our history makes us who we are, and we all need familiar faces and places at times. Its also a sound idea, to always have a base that you know you can go back to if you need to.

2. You can try to find work at each place you go, and there are a wide range of jobs available around the world, such as Teaching English as a foreign language, or working as a divemaster or instructor to name just a couple (we'll revisit these jobs at a later date). Alternatively you could look towards developing your existing trade so that you can work completely on-line. That way you don't need to decide where you will be based, you can go wherever you like, and your job will but more importantly YOUR INCOME - will move with you. See my previous post "The Modern Day Nomad".

3. Seek out like minded people, and develop a supportive network of people who choose to live in the same way as you. It can be very lonely travelling all of the time, and whilst you will still be in touch with people back home, there will be a change in your relationship with them. You will need to know people that are growing in the same direction as you.

I hope you found the introduction to my own personal view of Escapee Type no.1 informative and useful. I'm sure we will look at it in more depth at later dates. Please do remember that this is simply a view developed from my own observations on life and is by no means set in stone... Your comments are welcome - lets "explore" the subject together...

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Anonymous said...

I have escaped as well although I am back in England at the moment.

The thing is once you have tasted freedom its impossible to come back and live a normal life.

Check out my blog as we have quite a bit in common,