Sunday, 1 April 2007

Setting up a Dive Shop In Indonesia

Throughout my travels I've met a number of people of who have been successful in hopping off the hamster wheel of western life. What is it like? Is the grass greener on the other side? The following posts explore the lives of those who have made the great leap..

Last year Paul (my fella) and I decided to leap off the wheel at that time of year when it is picking up the greatest momentum... Christmas... Christmas was the ideal time for us to take a break from our businesses, and so we considered carefully what to do with this precious free time we had created. We really didn't want to be rushing from one activity to the other, or one place to another. All we really wanted to do was to sit in a hammock, or jump into the greatest chill out zone on Earth - the Ocean. After searching the web and asking friends for recommendations we were pointed in the direction of two fish divers.

Two Fish Divers is small friendly dive resort on Bunaken Island in Indonesia which is run by an English couple - Nigel & Tina. Tina & Nigel have been extremely successful in their great escape. The dive resort is well established with a large number of returning guests. The accommodation is attractive, comfortable and clean but most importantly each wooden hut comes with a hammock - standard! The atmosphere is down to earth and laid back, and the diving!!!???!!! Well - the diving is AWESOME! For more information on diving in Bunaken and Lembeh, and on the resort itself, check out their website: or their blog

It would take an entire book to discuss the marine life and the culture on Bunaken and Lembeh in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Maybe we'll return to that at some point in the future. The main focus at the moment however is Tina & Nigel and their Great Escape.

What were their main reasons for wanting to leave England and live and work abroad?

Do any of those problems exist in Indonesia?

What do they like most about living and working in Indonesia?

What are the main problems they experience with the Indonesian Culture?

How do these problems compare with the reasons they wanted to leave England and live and work abroad?

What do they miss about the UK?

How did they reach a point where they were able and willing to set up a dive shop in Indonesia?

How much hard work has it taken?

Do they feel it is worth it, and what advice would they give to anyone wanting to do something similar?

I'll be putting these questions to them, and hopefully they will share their wisdom and enlightenment with us soon. We may need to wait a while as they are currently probably in labour with their first child - so they may be somewhat distracted. Also internet connection on Bunaken can sometimes be less than perfect. We wait with baited hear their views, and the news of their first born!!!!

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