Saturday, 24 March 2007

Top 10 Reasons to Leave England - Feedback

Happy Saturday!!

The hamster wheel of life is again slowly rocking. I think it's a Saturday morning thing. Last night I was winding down with a nice of glass of wine, relieved that the week's work was at last complete, when I noticed, just how much the house was in need of a good clean. I decided at that point, that I would use Saturday morning to give the house a good spring clean.

Well - what can I say... I decided this morning in my wisdom, that if I did spend all that boundless energy on spring cleaning the house, I wouldn't have time to up date my blog OR do my yoga. Now - Priorities!!! What is more important? My blog and my health, or a nice clean pristeen home (which would only take a couple of days to get unclean again anyway!). Logic insists surely - that I update my blog - and do my YOGA! BUT - if I were brain washed into the English Culture well - obviously a nice clean show house would come way above my health and pleasure!

Well - as I continue to insist on rebelling against the English way of life - here I am upgating my blog.

So - after providing you with that lovely insight into my decision making process of a Saturday morning, what am I going to write about, that bears any relevance to Escape England?

Last week - I notified a number of people about my blog. Over the years I have gathered a wide collection of friends all over the World. Some of them were born and still live in another country. Others are successful escapees of England. Their feedback was fascinating, and quite diverse.
I decided that I would put together a standard questionnaire and ask them all to take part in some kind of electronic interview process.

It's been my busiest week of the month as far as my "day job" goes this week - and I've been having to sprint like mad on the Hamster Wheel of Life to prevent falling upside down all over the place. Consequently I haven't yet managed to find the time to ask all of them, or to compile the interview. Those that I have asked however, have been more than happy to participate - so watch this space over the coming weeks for insights into Living & Working abroad - from the people that really are experts on the subject. Those that are living it!

I'm really looking forward to this weekend. We have a friend visiting. Lucy from Bunaken! We met Lucy over Christmas, when we went scuba diving in Bunaken, Indonesia. She's a gal from London, who was taking some time out of English Living to train as a divemaster. I did something similar in Thailand a couple of years ago, so me & Lucy hit it off instantly. She's now back in England after around 6 months of living in Indonesia. Needless to say I think that she is suffering a greater culture shock on her return to England, than the pleasant culture enlightment she received when she arrived in Indonesia. I'm really looking forward to ranting to Lucy about scuba diving and Escaping England, over a bottle of wine and some food..

So - with that said - I'd better be off and try to squeeze in some time for my yoga session. Sun Salutation - here I come...

Have fun on the Hamster Wheel of Life if you're on it, and pleasant hammock swinging those of you that have sussed out how to get off the wheel!!!

See you again in my next post - which I hope will be a little sooner than an entire week away.

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