Saturday, 17 March 2007

Top 10 Reasons for Leaving England - Summary

Hello - looking over all my posts and coming to grips with the navigation of blogs, if you're reading the top 10 reasons to leave England - the order can be quite confusing... So - here's a listing of the Top 10 Reasons.... To read the more detailed explanation of each reason - please read back through the archives....

1. The Weather
2. Pace of Life
3. Lack of people contact (cocoon, individualistic)
4. Crime
5. Materialism
6. Symptom Orientated
7. Not the most favourable scuba diving conditions in the world
8. Propaganda and negative news
9. Not all property comes with a hammock and balcony as a standard package
10. Apathy

I'm not getting much traffic to my blog as yet - got to work on that - so if you do visit, and you have an opinion on the top 10 reasons - your comments would be greatly appreciated...

Also - I have found a wealth of information since I started this blog from the links offered by google. If you are looking to leave England - you will surely find something there that will inspire and/or help..

Good luck - fellow Freedom Seekers...!!!

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