Friday, 23 November 2007

Problem! Books and Print!

My great escape is becoming more and more a reality. Having sold my previous business a few weeks ago, this week we moved out of our rented accommodation to camp out at the in-laws' for our 5 week countdown to the 1st January, when our flights are booked for Thailand.

Whilst de-cluttering it became apparent to me that out of all the objects I've accumulated over time, there are two things so precious that I simply can't part with them - they are books and CD's. Fortunately CD's take up minimal storage space, but books? Well, they can be heavy and bulky, but they also mark the history of my mind, and contain valuable information and inspiration. Many of the books I've read have been life changing. They are priceless in value. I cannot part with them for love nor money. What to do? I can't take them with me!

Aside from the storage issue, this alarming self discovery also led me to another question about the practicalities of working as a mobile professional. I LOVE reading things in print. Don't get me wrong; I spend hours reading on the net and have also bought several e-books, but in the end, I always like to print things off, sit in a comfy chair, and read a paper version.

How am I going to cope with not having ready access to a printer? No paper print outs, no pen scribbles or amendments on written work... It's a scary prospect. I am now forced into a position to really establish a paperless office! No lever arch files, just a couple of choice books such as a dictionary and thesaurus.

A far more important possession will be a good portable hard drive to store any information, e-books, pictures, music and so on! How amazing to realise that the contents which will once have filled an entire room, whilst simultaneously displaying insights into my personality, interests, and character - will now all be contained within one little box only accessible through the window of my computer!

Welcome to the digital age! Great for the environment! Easy for the new generation! How easy will it be to adapt? And what if anything, will be missed or lost as paper and print moves further and further into the land of ancient times.

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