Thursday, 13 December 2007

Would you miss Jack Frost?

This morning I awoke to blue skies and the glistening sparkle left by Jack Frost. My - he must have been busy last night. Judging by the layers of white, twinkling frost on the roof tops, trees, gardens and cars, he enjoyed a fine ceremonious dance around the nation last night while we all slept peacefully in the warm.

One step outside, and you feel the fresh air hit your face forcing you to take a sharp intake of cold fresh air. And provided you're wrapped up in warm clothes; the freshness on your face, combined with the pretty twinkle left by Jack, is something to celebrate - ha - until you realise you've run out of deicer, you're late for work, there's been an accident on the roads, and you've lost your gloves.. That's the wicked twinkle of Jack!

After spending a year in South East Asia 4 years ago, I returned to England in December. All of the way home I was looking forward to stepping off the plane and feeling the freshness and coldness of the winter air. Spending long periods of time in warmer climates is definitely relaxing and calming for the soul - but it can be surprising just how good, cold, fresh, frosty air can feel, when you don't experience it for a while!!

I'll miss Jack Frost and his wicked ways... would you?

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21st Century Mummy said...

Oh yes, even though I am sat here shivering! ;-D