Thursday, 13 December 2007

England - The Good Bits

To date, the majority of this blog has focussed specifically on reasons to Escape England. It was never my intention to be so one-sided in my writing, and is in fact completely against my principles. I always aim to write a balanced view, which looks at both the positive and negative aspects of a subject. We have so much negativity in the media already. It has always been my vision to maintain a positive or rather a balanced approach to all of my publishing.

I guess I've unintentionally been focussing on the negatives to help convince myself that I am indeed doing the right thing, by attempting to Escape!

That said, BEFORE you take your life savings and try to start a new life in another country, it is important to realise that there are many things England has to offer. I did consider writing a top 10 list as I have for the top 10 reasons to leave England. But I found it very difficult to focus on 10 specific things, and it seemed too organised and contrived.

This post is therefore the introduction to random postings which will occur as and when something happens to remind me of the wonders of England!!!

Feel free to add your contributions and thoughts as to what makes England so special!

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