Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Escape England Open to Contributors

Would you describe yourself as one of the following?

1. An English expat living in a foreign country
2. An English person considering, or carving out your own escape route
3. A person who is not English, but is living in England
4. An English person who loves life in England
5. An English person who returned to England after a long period abroad

If so, would you like others to benefit from your views, experiences and stories?

As of today – the Escape England Blog is officially open to contributors. If you would like to write about your experiences, and your views on life in England in comparison to other countries - this blog is a great place to publish your work.

Benefits to contributors
1. The opportunity to help others by sharing your experiences & perspectives.
2. The opportunity to be published.
3. Increased traffic to your own site through link love and increased profile.

If you would like to contribute please email me via the link on my profile page..

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Moving to Nova Scotia said...

Hi - I could find where to email you from - we escaped to and now live & work in Nova Scotia.