Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Exciting Changes to Escape England

April was a busy month in many ways. Now, over 4 months into our journey to Escape England, my natural tendency to sprout new ideas and ventures has kicked into overdrive, and with many other exciting projects and opportunities to work on, it has become difficult for me to find the time to write posts for the Escape England blog – BUT - DO NOT FEAR!!!

It was always my intention to open the blog up and allow other ex-pats, or wannabie ex-pats to have their say and share their experiences, stories, philosophies etc.... NOW – seems like the perfect time for that transition to take place..

Previously we received news from Pod on how she felt upon her return to England. Now, having sold all of her possessions and wrapped up her life in the UK, Pod is back in Kantiang Bay.

Pod has continuously provided support and inspiration for the Escape England blog since I first mentioned it to her in January. She also loves writing, and has kindly agreed to write regular posts for the blog revealing her perspectives on life in Thailand, with a specific comparison to life in England.

Pod is a very passionate and lively soul harbouring immensely strong opinions – I’m sure her articles will provide all readers with insights, entertainment, and raised awareness to global AND national issues which affect our mental, emotional, and physical well being.

I will continue to perform the role of “editor” and will review all articles and comments before they are posted “out there” for the entire world to absorb.

I hope you enjoys Pod’s Posts - happy reading!!!!

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