Monday, 28 April 2008

Comment Guidelines

Whilst the vast majority of comments I receive on this blog are supportive, positive, or in some way constructive, I do very occasionally receive comments which can only be described as rude and ignorant. Unfortunately because there is "always one" - it has become necessary for me to post a rather serious note providing guidelines for those wishing to leave a comment.

The subject of leaving your home country or attempting to adopt a simpler life is for many a sensitive issue, worthy of debate, with many different layers of arguments. All comments are welcome and encouraged, whether they agree with my content or not. However, please bear in mind that I embrace adult, intelligent, and humorous debate, but I have no time for childish slanging matches.. Any comments of an abusive or insulting nature will be rejected and deleted as quickly as you can press the space bar...

This blog is not about me really, but more about the topic of discussion - i.e why are so many people wanting to leave England to live and work abroad, and how does life in other countries compare? Aside from becoming a resource and a community for other people who are considering a move away from England, it is my hope that this blog will also develop into a library of information which provides insights into how different countries can learn from each other - only by sharing and learning can we possibly evolve our global community in line with our ideals and needs.

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