Friday, 6 April 2007

2. Pace of Life

Everybody, and I mean just about everybody, is stressed in this country. I really noticed it the most when I came back from a year in Thailand & Malaysia. I’m not kidding it was immediately obvious. Everyone looked tense, and everybody was moving so fast. It was almost as if I’d entered a nation high on caffeine or some form of Amphetamine. Everyone was whizzing around from one thing to the next, from one place to the next, and I couldn’t and still can’t fathom exactly how people manage to do so many things in one day.

Working parents I applaud you. How on earth do you keep the house clean, do the food shopping, prepare the meals, talk to the children, get them to school, get them to any after school activities AND go to work, let alone have any time for yourself? But whatever you do, while you’re busy working your socks off to simply get through the day, don’t forget to fill in any paperwork for your child, your car, the gas man…………. Arghhhhh!!!!!!


Mr. A said...

Thanks for the good read, and for sharing my thoughts. When I came to France from Scandinavia I noticed how quickly people move here, how anxious and hyperactive they are compared to back home. The difference from some places in Asia is monumental. PS, found your blog through Lea Woodward's LIP blog.

Tina - Freebird Professional said...

Hi Mr A - it's good to meet you. Always nice to see someone pop by who shares my views.